Sunday, July 28, 2013

Deciding where to go

Deciding where to go for me is the most important part of where we go.  From our trips so far I am partial to the New York State Campgrounds for several reasons.  Of course which campground to visit is always the question.  Both of us want to get a good sampling of all the campgrounds and our last trip was our first visit to The Catskills Region, which is difficult all on its own because we are both Adirondack people.  We were not impressed at all with the campground we were at, Bear Spring Mountain.  The location was decent but the campgrounds lacked the roomy and well groomed sites that the other state campgrounds provide.  Our spot was supposed to be able to fit a 30 foot trailer, though at just under 27 feet it was difficult for me to get our trailer in, and I am literally an expert on driving and backing in trailers!  The site was also very swampy and muddy, making for a messy camper that weekend.

That being said, that has been the only state campground we have had any real complaints about so far but because of that our next trip will definitely be back in the Adirondack region.  We try to visit and drive around the campgrounds that are in the region of where we are staying so we can get a first hand look at the locations before we book there.  For those locations we have not visited beforehand we have found a phenomenal online resource started by a couple who also enjoys camping.  New York State Campsite Photo Database.  They have spent their time going around to the campgrounds and photographing each site and they are adding new campgrounds continuously. 

Of course there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other campgrounds around New York State.  The one we have stayed at this year was Old Forge Camping Resort which is right next door to Enchanted Forest Water Safari.  That was our first trip with our new camper.  Very nice large and groomed sites, great staff and great location.  Our site had full hookups which always makes for a nice trip, especially when the heat has to run all weekend and its snowing out!

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