Monday, July 15, 2013

Starting the blog

Erin and I talked about getting a camper for the past couple of years.  This spring after once again revisiting the idea we went to a camper show, picked one out that we liked and 4 days later it was in our yard.  The process of buying was rather easy once we found one we really only took over two years.  We decided on a brand new Heartland Pioneer RB22.  Of course after the purchase came the stocking up of the camper, which itself seems to be a never-ending process!  

Before we had the camper in our possession we had already booked our first trip, along with my sister and her family, to Old Forge in the Adirondack Mountains (of course it rained and snowed all weekend).  Since then we have had extended weekends to several different locations, mostly New York State Campgrounds, each with their good and bad points....some with more bad points than good for sure!

We had talked about starting a blog of our adventures since our second trip...which was by far the most eventful one yet.  This past weekend we went to a state campground in The Catskills and while sitting around the campfire we came up with the name Campfire Chronicles.  At one point I was thinking that I liked 'Campering' for the name because Erin says that we are not camping but are campering.  Anyhow, upon arrival home today Erin started the blog and left it to me to make the first post.  Originally I thought that most of my posts would be about our trips, but I suppose that there are many other things related to 'campering' that I often think about or observe and might wish to talk, rant or rave about....

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